It is not a secret that most of the people have trouble with Mathematics. It is not a secret either that science and engineering degrees have a high content of Mathematics. Combining both facts shows why many students in either discipline have trouble with it.

I have therefore decided to offer my years of experience in teaching math to help these poor souls lost on their way to success. All help provided for punctual issues or small exercises will be free of charge, even though I would like the questions to be interesting, challenging or amusing enough so I take them. However, in case you require of help with a small project or higher order results, a reasonable fee for students will be charged. Such a fee may be eventually replaced by the publication of the project on my website. The easiest way of contacting me is per email explaining briefly what the matter is.

You can check the kind of problems or exercises I like dealing with.


As previously said, Mathematics is present in all sciences, so I would gladly accept any cooperation in projects such as Masters’ thesis, Ph.D. disertations or research groups’ projects. It is conditio sine qua non for me to appear as a contributor to the project and to publish it on my website or have a link to it.

Feel free to check the projects I have done in cooperation with other entities.